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  • RMEE2018 - Performance Management or Management Performance?


    At present, one might wonder whether the progress of a community is determined by the individual performance of community members that, aggregating, generate the community’s performance, or whether the community progress is driven by the manager’s ability to combine existing individual components into an energy generating set which eventually reposition the communities in another competitive landscape, described by criteria such as predictability, continuity, stability, harmony and balance.

    It is believed that the current paradigm on the evolution of humanity in terms of sustainability is based on the above-mentioned words. In fact, almost all the books of wisdom produced by mankind predicting human behavior and attitudes within communities are based on the concepts of harmony and balance.

    On the other hand, the progress of knowledge led to the awareness of the complexity of the world live in among other things. However complexity is determined both by the set of elements involved in the process and, above all, by the number and nature of connections needed to construct a concept of a material entity. It is again a balance within a set of factors.

    The manager is the architect who aggregates the abilities of human individuals in a social community in accordance with the need to achieve certain goals, and the way in which the diversity of resources matching the achievement of the desired result is harmonized, is an image of managerial performance. Isn’t this an example of an organization’s internal sustainability?

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