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  • RMEE2016 - From Management of Crisis to Management in a Time of Crisis

    Crises happen to all companies and they can bring significant changes, possibly changing a company’s entire trajectory. This is why managing the crisis and managing in times of crisis are such important issues for a company’s both present and future. Nevertheless, in every crisis lies an opportunity. But opportunity for what? Do crises provide companies the opportunity to change according to the modern management principles? Or do they provide the opportunity of rethinking the basic principles of modern management?

    The answer to this dilemma is particularly important for ex-communist countries. For two and a half decades, the businesses in these countries learned how to apply modern management in a post-communist context. But now it seems that it could be necessary to rethink the very basis of modern management.

    Organized by the Review of Management and Economic Engineering and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, the conference is looking for contributions able to bring useful insights into this dilemma. Regardless of what the answer will be, one issue remains true  – businesses that can best manage change not only survive, but have a strong competitive advantage, especially in a post-crisis world.

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  • Important Deadlines


    RMEE2016 Grand Opening - 22nd of September 2016

    Short paper submission (max. 1000 words) - 16th of May 2016 - extended - 12th June 2016

    Acceptance/rejection - 1st of June 2016 - extended - 26th June 2016

    Full paper submission - 1st of August 2016

    Registration and payment - 15th of August 2016